We are literally living in the startup of a new economy. A stealthy revolution in which knowledge, capital and abilities democratize and become readily available to everybody. Every person can open up a company tomorrow and revolutionize an entire industry.

PopVox has been a frontrunner in this explosion of entrepreneurship for 15 years and would love to see everybody act as an entrepreneur. From young to old, highly educated or autodidact and inside and outside organizations. Opportunities for new business are everywhere. The one and only important question is: what opportunity suits you best and what do you want to contribute to the world?

The full vision of PopVox has been bundled in a publication written by our founder and director Leo van Loon in close cooperation with professor Derk Loorbach of the Erasmus University. This publication is called: Ondernemen in Transitie: De Weg Naar Succes. In other words: Entrepreneurship in transition: the road to succes. More information about this book can be found under inspiration.